Compatibility Notes

Open Inventor 9.2 (October 2012)

Older compatibility notes

Technical overview

Please at least glance through these compatibility notes so that you are not surprised by any differences in behavior between this release and the previous release.

You should completely recompile existing applications after installing a new version of Open Inventor.
New versions of Open Inventor are source code compatible (unless noted in this document), but not binary compatible.

New Classes

  • SoLicensesInfo
  • SoLicensedProduct

New Fields/Enums in Existing Nodes

  • SoVolumeRenderingQuality::voxelOutlineThreshold
  • SoVolumeRenderingQuality::deferredLighting

 Open Inventor

  • new SoSceneManager::setAutoInteractiveMode method.
  • new SoGLContext::setVSyncEnabled method.


MeshViz XLM (C++ api only)

  • Due to bug fix #4703, unexpected behaviors could occur in some applications that insert empty MoScalarSetXXX and MoVec3SetXXX nodes in the scene graph (i.e. not containing any datasets). In fact, prior to this fix, these nodes were ignored and not added into their associated accumulated element, which size then did not match the actual number of nodes in the scene graph. This eventually led to inaccurate fields representing datasets, such as colorScalarSetId, in representation nodes (deriving from MoMeshRepresentation). For instance, all colorScalarSetId pointing at scalar set nodes located after empty scalar set nodes of the same type must now be updated and increased by the number of these empty nodes.

.NET API Specific

Java API Specific