Open Inventor FAQs - Licensing

Where can I find information about licensing?

You can get all the information relating to licensing by going to the Open Inventor Licensing section.

If I want to distribute my Open Inventor application to other sites, what do I need to do?

You need to contact your salesperson about purchasing run-time licenses for the sites that will be using your application. If you anticipate having a large number of customers working on different systems, you may want to consider purchasing a master password, which is not hostid locked. Ask your salesperson for details.

You will also need to put together a run-time installation for your "customers" that contains the necessary files, as well as instructions for installing and licensing your application on their system.

See the Open Inventor Redistribution topic for specific information about which files you should (or should not) distribute.

Why my application takes time in getting FLEXnet licenses or does not take in account my FLEXnet licenses.

The FLEXnet licensing system used by Open Inventor keeps track of past paths used for seaching licenses and uses them to find any license.
This may take time especially if these paths refer to license servers. In addition if a server is no longer available Open Inventor can stop searching licenses.
You may need your system administrator to check possible license server issue, or reset the FLEXnet search paths.

The following command can be entered in a Windows Command Prompt or shell console to display the current search paths list of FLEXnet, see the mcslmd section relating to FEI softwares:

lmutil lmpath -status 

You can flush this list by using the following command:

lmutil lmpath -override mcslmd " "