ScaleViz 8.1 Release Notes

Multi-GPU Depth Compositing support for OpenInventor

Based on the Multi-thread / Multi-pipe support introduced in version 8.0 (which only supported Tile Compositing), ScaleViz 8.1 now supports the Depth Compositing render mode using multiple GPUs in the same machine. Similar to cluster mode, a multi-GPU configuration is defined in a ScaleViz configuration file and requires no changes to the application code.

When using a NVidia QuadroPlex system, ScaleViz uses the NVidia CompleX library to do depth compositing, providing maximum performance on this hardware.

CompleX is a copyright of NVidia Inc.

Important Note: On Microsoft Windows platforms, support is limited to NVidia boards that support the WGL_NV_Gpu_Affinity OpenGL extension.