Compatibility Notes 7.2

Open Inventor 7.2 (October 2008) Older compatibility notes

Technical Overview


New Nodes

New Fields in Existing Nodes

Qt Support

Open Inventor 7.1 (April 2008)

Technical Overview

Please at least glance through these compatibility notes so that you are not surprised by any differences in behavior between this release and the previous release.

Open Inventor version 7.2 is source code compatible with the previous version (7.1).

You should completely recompile existing applications after installing a new version of Open Inventor.

As usual on Windows, the library and DLL names have been changed to reflect the current version number. As usual on UNIX, the library names have not changed. See Open Inventor Files for details.


You will need an updated password with the new version number for each of your FEI products.

Contact the license administrator at

NOTE: We recommend that customers using a laptop machine give us the hostid obtained using, for example, LAdmin or VSGcomputerID, while the laptop is *not* connected to its docking station. This is because the MAC address of the network card in the docking station will be detected while connected, but this address will not be known while the machine is disconnected from the docking station.

New Classes

Open Inventor

  • SbThreadSpinlock

New Fields in Existing Nodes

Open Inventor

  • SoShaderProgram::vertexProgramTwoSide


  • SoDirectVizManager::adaptiveOversampling
  • SoDirectVizManager::softShadows
  • SoDirectVizManager::fuzzyLights
  • SoDirectVizManager::glossySurfaces


  • SoVolumeRenderingQuality::colorInterpolation

Open Inventor files that contain any of these new fields will not be readable by older versions of Open Inventor. As long as you never set any of these fields, there will not be a problem because fields that contain their default value are not written out.

Remember: New fields affect classes derived from the above nodes as well.

Qt Support Notes

Open Inventor Qt 3 support is based on Qt version 3.3.6.
Please note: Open Inventor 7.1 is the last version that supports any Qt 3.X versions.

Open Inventor Qt 4 support is based on, and requires, Qt 4.2.
Please note: Qt 4.0 and 4.1 are not compatible.
On Windows, Qt 4.2.2 or higher is required.

[Windows] The prebuilt InvQt7x.DLL is built with Qt 3.3.6. If you are still using Qt 3.1.x, you will need to use the InvQt70Builder application to build SoQt DLLs compatible with your version of Qt.