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Legal Notice

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VolumeViz LDM extension includes user protection under license for Landmark U.S. Patent Numbers 6,765,570.

Chapter 20 "Optimizing Applications" was written by SGI and appeared originally in the Open Inventor 2.1 Porting and Performance Tips document published in 1996 © SGI.

Credits. The Open Inventor User's Guide documentation is the result of the hard work and the support of the entire Open Inventor development team: Mike Heck, Thierry Dufour, Patrick Barthélemy, David Beilloin, Pascal Doux, Martial Bonaventure, Rodolphe Albou, Nicolas Daguisé, Pascal Estrade, Jean-Luc Garnier, Jean-Michel Godinaud, Benjamin Grange, François Jautard, Daniel Lichau, Gwenolé Tallec, Ludovic Peine, Thomas Arcilas, Federico Gamba and Kathy Tinoco