4.2.5. Trouble shooting

The Open Inventor PDF3D export may output the following message:

IFXOSFileIterator::ProcessDir: error opening /usr/local/u3d/lib/Plugins/ No such file or directory

This means that Open Inventor has not been able to load some third party libraries. In this case try setting the environment variable U3D_LIBDIR to $OIVHOME/lib.

Before version 8.0 U3D plug-ins had to be copied into the directory Plugins located in the same directory as IFXCore.so (.dll) is located. Since vesion 8.0 it it possible to specify the location of the plug-ins by setting the environment variable U3D_PLUGINS_DIRNAME to the path of the directory containing IFXScheduling.so (.dll) and IFXExporting.so (.dll).