2.1. What You Must Know about MeshViz XLM:

MeshViz XLM is a library that extends Open Inventor. MeshViz XLM consists of two components named MeshViz Interface and MeshViz. MeshViz contains 3DdataMaster and GraphMaster.

MeshViz XLM
  • MeshViz Interface

    • Mesh Extraction

    • Data Mapping

  • MeshViz

    • 3DdataMaster

    • GraphMaster

The first component, MeshViz Interface, is a C++ API useful for extracting and visualizing features from meshes used in scientific visualization, finite element analysis (FEA) and computer aided engineering (CAE). MeshViz Interface contains two separate parts: Mesh Extraction and Data Mapping.

MeshViz XLM is a separately licensed extension. You must have a MeshViz XLM license string in addition to your Open Inventor license string.

The MeshViz XLM license unlocks both MeshViz and MeshViz Interface extensions.

  • Mesh Extraction creates a mesh of lower (or equal) dimension from a higher dimension one. For instance, when extracting a surface mesh (2D) representing an isosurface of a volume mesh (3D).

  • Data Mapping creates a graphical representation of an extracted mesh with advanced rendering techniques.

The second component, MeshViz contains two parts:

  • 3DdataMaster is the predecessor of MeshViz Interface. It is kept for compatibility with older versions. 3DdataMaster is similar to MeshViz Interface but does not have the flexibility and genericity of MeshViz Interface. It requires copying the mesh into its own memory and does not give access to the extracted feature as a mesh. Although it is still maintained, we strongly recommend to stop using it for new developments and to use MeshViz Interface instead except for Java or .NET users who cannot currently use the C++ binding of MeshViz Interface.

  • GraphMaster, defines extension nodes for 2D and 3D graphics, as well as business graphics such as axes, curves, legends, histograms, and so forth.

MeshViz Interface is described in the first part of this chapter. 3DdataMaster and GraphMaster are described in a second part because they were designed at the same time and thus share many common points.

MeshViz was named 3D-MasterSuite prior to Open Inventor 3.1.1, and DataViz prior to Open Inventor 5.0.