4.2.2. Simple approach

The class SoToPDFAction SoToPDFAction SoToPDFAction exports an Open Inventor scene graph directly into a simple PDF file. SoToPDFAction SoToPDFAction SoToPDFAction can also set the document title, specify the text of the document, and lock access to the file content.

Example 4.6. Generation of PDF3D output

SoSeparator* root = ...         // scenegraph init
SoToPDFAction pdfAction;
bool result = pdfAction.openFile( "output.pdf" );
if ( !result ) ...              // error management
pdfAction.setTitle( "Scene Name" );
pdfAction.setText( "Some text describing the exported scene." );
pdfAction.apply( root );
result = pdfAction.closeFile();
if ( !result ) ...             // error management

The sample demo $OIVHOME/src/HardCopy/PDFExport shows how to convert an Open Inventor file. This demo brings up the dialog box shown below. Fill in a few fields and click on the Export button.

Open Inventor to PDF3D conversion tool.

Figure 4.4. Open Inventor to PDF3D conversion tool.

This demo can also be used as a command line tool. The first argument is the Open Inventor input filename. The second (optional) argument is the output PDF filename. For example:

PDFExport harley.iv output.pdf

Harley.iv exported to PDF3D view.

Figure 4.5. Harley.iv exported to PDF3D view.