Chapter 28. Using Inventor with OpenGL

Chapter Objectives. After reading this chapter, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Create Inventor callback nodes that include calls to the OpenGL Library

  • Explain how Inventor uses and affects OpenGL state variables

  • Write a program that combines use of Inventor and OpenGL and uses the SoGLRenderAction SoGLRenderAction SoGLRenderAction

  • Use color index mode

(Advanced) This chapter describes how to combine calls to the Inventor and OpenGL libraries in the same window. It includes several examples of programs that combine use of Inventor and OpenGL in different ways. Table 28.1, “OpenGL State Variables: Current Values and Associated Data through Table 28.9, “OpenGL State Variables: Miscellaneous show how Inventor affects and is affected by OpenGL state. This entire chapter can be considered advanced material.

Note: even though the example code in the following sections are only described with the C++ OpenGL api, Open Inventor can also be used using Java JOGL api or C# OpenGL api.