15.3. Types of Engines

Figure 15.4, “ Engine Class Tree ” shows the class tree for engines, which can be grouped according to the kinds of operations they perform.

Arithmetic engines are as follows:

  • SoCalculator

  • SoBoolOperation

  • SoInterpolateFloat, SoInterpolateRotation, SoInterpolateVec2f, SoInterpolateVec3f, SoInterpolateVec4f

  • SoTransformVec3f

  • SoComposeVec2f, SoDecomposeVec2f SoComposeVec3f, SoDecomposeVec3f SoComposeVec4f, SoDecomposeVec4f SoComposeRotation, SoDecomposeRotation SoComposeMatrix, SoDecomposeMatrix

  • SoComputeBoundingBox

Animation engines are as follows:

  • SoElapsedTime

  • SoOneShot

  • SoTimeCounter

Triggered engines are as follows:

  • SoCounter

  • SoOnOff

  • SoTriggerAny

  • SoGate

Engines used for array manipulation are as follows:

  • SoSelectOne

  • SoConcatenate

    Engine Class Tree

    Figure 15.4.  Engine Class Tree