Chapter 8. Applying Actions

Chapter Objectives. After reading this chapter, you'll be able to do the following:

  • Draw, or render, all or part of a scene graph

  • Print a scene graph

  • Create a texture map from a rendering of a scene graph

  • Compute a 3D bounding box for objects in a scene graph

  • Compute a cumulative transformation matrix (and its inverse) for objects in a scene graph

  • Search for nodes, types of nodes, or nodes with specific names in a scene graph

  • Pick objects in a scene graph and obtain information about them

  • Perform your own action by writing callback functions that can be invoked during scene graph traversal

  • Write callback functions that use the primitives (points, lines, triangles) generated by Inventor shapes

This chapter describes how actions are applied to an Inventor scene graph. Earlier chapters introduced you to the most commonly used action, GL rendering, which traverses the scene graph and draws it using the OpenGL Library. This chapter outlines a general model for performing any action and highlights important concepts related to other Inventor actions, including picking, calculating a bounding box, calculating a transformation matrix, writing to a file, and searching the scene graph for certain nodes.