Fixed Open Inventor Bugs

Issue API Product Release

Since Open Inventor 9.00 some "rings" appeared when displaying an isosurface.

Core VolumeViz 9.2

After running a demo using DialogViz, the X Font Server was down and no demo could run. DialogViz did not check that fonts were available before using them.

Cpp DialogViz 9.1

SoObliqueSlice was not rendered if positioned at or near the volume extent max value

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Using Height Field rendering with undefined value different from zero generated wrong bounding box.

Undefined values were used in the computation of the min/max values of the bounding box resulting in a shifted bounding box.

Core VolumeViz 9.2

When using undefined values rendering generated several spikes artifacts, especially when rendering at lower resolution

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When using undefined values the computation of normal took into account also undefined triangles resulting in bad lighting

Core VolumeViz 9.2

Objects could disappear from rendering while using SORTED_LAYERS_BLEND inside IvTuneViewer

Core Open Inventor 9.1

When drawing the border of a PoSceneView it seems that, if the viewport dimension is odd in one direction, there was a black pixel line between the border and the actual viewport border.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When using SoUniformShaderParameter, a crash could happen when rendering in some cases

Core Open Inventor 9.2

The green squares of the tabPlaneDragger are too small in pixel size, thus impossible to manipulate. The API has been enhanced by adding a new field:  tabPixelSize to be set dynamically the pixel size.

Core Open Inventor 9.2

When using SoClippingGroup with a thin shape (SoCube in following example) the clipping is wrong. The volume seems to be clipped by the far plane.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

RayPickAction::getPickedPoint returned a null pointer on valid intersection when using orthographic camera.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Modifying the SoPackedColor node, the color of lines and faces changes accordingly.

Core Open Inventor 9.2.3

Picking issues with MeshViz graphs and line sets have been fixed

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Using volumeClippingGroup with a thin shape resulted, sometimes, in bad clipping.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

Depending on the camera position, VolumeClippingGroup was not clipping correctly.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

The startIndex field of shapes was ignored in VBO mode.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

An ortho slice with axis set to X or Y was not rendered correctly in interactive mode.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

When the .lst file given to SoVolumeData::fileName did not exist, the program crashed.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When using a CSGShape with SoCircularExtrusion with well defined parameters, the clipping didn't work in all cases.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

In a scene graph using a SoVolumeClippingGroup and SoCircularExtrusion, the clipping was not done properly in certain positions of the camera.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

SoText2 and SoImage2 shapes disappeared during FastEdit session when transparency type wass set to SoGLRenderAction::SORTED_OBJECT_BLEND.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.2

Scaling was not applied to SoCircularExtrusion when under a SoCSGShape.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

When using SoExtSelection with a pick window, several optimization have been made to speed-up the selection process.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.2

The text bounding box was incorrect in V9.0 for certain fonts.

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

SoLocateHighlight didn't change the color of the shape the cursor was over when there was more than one viewer.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

The AmplitudeVelocity .NET example drawn incorrect image in 9.0.x

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Some rendering artifacts appeared during interaction on volumeRender with VolumeClippingGroup in some cases.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

SoVolumeData::getMinMax ignored values returned by SoVolumeReader::getMinMax for non-LDM volumes.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

VolumeClipping was invalid depending on window size.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

CSGShape failed in some cases with complex geometry

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

SoOffscreenRender  writeToJpeg(File* , float) was not available in .NET

Core Open Inventor 9.1

When using VBOs with an SoPointSet, switching to bbox mode killedthe VBOs. After going back to "AS IS" VBOs were not available anymore.

Core Open Inventor 9.2

Deadlock in SoVolumeData::updateRegions when applied while loading 2 ldm files

Core VolumeViz 9.2.1

Precision problems have been fixed when using Raypick on a surface.

Core VolumeViz 9.2

SoJackDragger did not render if current transform contained a negative scale factor. Probably affected other draggers that use the SoAntiSquish node internally.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Sb.intersection methods is not available in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

NET - When SoRotation fields are changed in IvTune that is embedded in an application, the displayed geometry is now updated properly.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3

TerrainViz failed loading sample files

Cpp TerrainViz 9.1

When displaying thin horizons, some holes could appear.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Memory allocation failures of MeshViz XLM programs were not redirected to the Open Inventor memory management error handler.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.1

Having a custom reader using DataAccess to get data from volumeData resulted in Dead Lock in LDM.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.2

The internal shader uniforms like OivTexturing are changed each time we traverse a texture node, but if the texture was unbound due to a state pop the uniform was not updated.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Rendering artefacts appeared when displaying thin gridClipping and small slice numbers.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

CircularExtrusion's geometry was recomputed at each frame resulting in poor performances.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

The ::SoInventorBase::init() is always called when initializing the OIV.Inventor.Base assembly. It did not take care of the InitMultiThread flag set in OIV.Inventor.SoDB class.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

When using an SoAnnotation with FastEdit enabled the scene graph was not rendered.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

SoLDMDataAccess: Inconsistent default parameters in C++ getData methods. A default parameter has been added to the currently supported API and the default NULL parameter has been removed from the deprecated API.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

SoLDMDataAccess::getData(SbLine) returned incorrect bufferSize and voxel values.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

SoLDMDataAccess::getData(polyline) returned incorrect bufferSize on second call using the same info struct.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

SoLDMDataAccess::getData(tile) returned the wrong tile in some cases.

When tile size is 64,  getData for voxel 63,0,0 returned tileID 1 as expected, but getData for voxel 64,0,0 also returned tileID 1 where it should be tileID 2.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When an SoVertexShaderParameterBufferObject was used with an SoBufferedShape and the data was stored in a CPU buffer object there was an OpenGL buffer object leak at each render.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Applying an action resulted in a memory leak because of bad reference counting.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Enabling SoVolumeRender:subdivideTile made some tiles invisible.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Texture memory consumption increased on camera movement resulting in memory overflow after a while.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Edge detection was not working correctly in multi-viewer mode. The first frame looked shadowed.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

FastEdit did not work at all if the save policy was DISABLED and the fast edit scene graph contained an SoAnnotation.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

The documentation of SoVRRasterStackReader is wrong:

The .lst file is described as:
Parameters { Raw 0 Dims 2048 2048 100 Size 10.000000 10.000000 10.000000 1250.000000 1250.000000 500.000000 Channel 2 }
C:/tmp/tiff/img00000.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00001.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00002.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00003.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00004.tiff ....

There must be line breaks after each tag and filename.

.NET VolumeViz 9.1

OpenInventor doesn't fail when updating a field from a worker thread.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.2.3

VolumeClippingGroup did not work when the camera was inside the geometry.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Geometry disappeared when selecting orthoCamera in some cases.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Enabling Accumulation antialiasing displayed many error message in SbThreadMutex

Core Open Inventor 9.1

SoWinRenderArea::setAntialiasing did not handle correctly numPasses=1 case.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

OpenInventor .NET does not support Inventor multithreading

There was no way to correctly initialize OpenInventor.NET so the end user is able to
do multithreaded node manipulations.

The issue was that SoDB.ThreadInit does not call underlying c++ Sb::threadInit, as required in
each thread doing open inventor manipulations.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

SoCpuBufferObject(SbNativeArray<byte> array) was not correctly wrapped if array comes from a cast operation.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Rendering artefacts appeared on tiles border when using ObliqueSlices with MULTISAMPLE_12.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

IvReport on MacOSX failed to provide the graphic card characteristics and output unexpected errors

Core Open Inventor 9.1

The VolumeViz GPU picking crashed when the viewer as never been used for render before picking.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

lowScreenResolution mode did not work with SoVolumeGroup

Core VolumeViz 9.2

When enabling SoVolumeRender:subdivideTile some tiles were invisible

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When both subdivideTIle and lowResMode options were enabled (SoVolumeRender), some tiles were not rendered.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

cpuMapDataRangeToIndex did not map the index properly in some cases.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Nodes derived from SoVolumeData were not taken into account during rendering resulting in crashes or bad display.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

RayPickAction failed to detect some shapes in some cases. This problem is a regression introduced in V9.0.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

RayPickAction was crashing in some cases when computing some intersections.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Normal and/or position returned by rayPickAction could be corrupted in some cases when using an orthographic camera

Core Open Inventor 9.1

After opening/closing several viewers in the same Java program, the program crashed when opening a new viewer.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Iv Conversion Demos (IgesToIv, CatiaToIv and StepToIv) were crashing.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

In a custom converter, if one set the header file name calling SoConverterParameters::setHeaderFileName(), it generated an error:
"Inventor error: SiFileManager::openFile cannot open file."

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

If the accumulation buffer antialiasing was enabled when the viewer was destroyed, a crash happened.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Changing the orientation of the manipulator did not change the orientation of the clipping plane in the ClipPlaneManip demo

Core Open Inventor 9.2

SoQT app icon blinked in the task bar and/or the app became the current app when the mouse cursor hovered over the render area

Core Open Inventor 9.1

The VolumeRendering was not displaying anything when using high slice density and large extent value

Core VolumeViz 9.1

IvTuneViewer was crashing when unloading a scene

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Incorrect display of TriangleStripSet when using PoSceneViews and volume render was enabled and sorted transparency was enabled

Core Open Inventor 9.2.2

Isosurface was re-computed even if the mesh did not change when some volumeviz shape is in the scenegraph

Cpp VolumeViz 9.2.2

VolumeClippingGroup generated a lot of GL error depending on point of view

Core VolumeViz 9.1

In some cases SoVolumeClippingGroup could produce an exception

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Dxf reader plug-i was not loaded on Linux

Core Open Inventor 9.1

In some cases, OpenInventor failed to render lines, when both vbos are enabled and lighting is turned off:
MeshVizXLM internal scenegraph uses SoIndexedFaceSet nodes associated with SoDrawStyle nodes set to style = LINES.
Random line display occured when changing successivelly the values of the orderedRGBA, materialBinding and the vertex field from the vertexProperty in the SoIndexedFaceSet.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

When using SoCpuBufferObject as input for a BufferedShape, performances were way below the ones one can get using SoGLBufferObject.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.2

When using fast edit, some primitives were not correctly redrawn when switching the interaction mode and maximizing the window.

Core Open Inventor 9.2

Bad rendering of Text3 with using the Delayed sorted layers blended transparency mode.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

By default, camera's fields were not equal in debug mode and in release mode after calling the viewAll method if the scene graph was empty (i.e. didn't have visible element).

Cpp Open Inventor 9.2

Transparent objects under SoSwitch were not rendered with Delayed sorted layers blended transparency when changing the visible child of the SoSwitch

Core Open Inventor 9.2

When using SoVolumeClippingGroup with a thin shape (SoCube in following example) the clipping was wrong in Interactive whereas it was correct in STILL..

Core VolumeViz 9.1
Fixed editable fields in IvTune. 
Now, when loading scene graph containing LDMResourceParameters, the maxTexMemory value is loaded and it is possible to change it.
Cpp VolumeViz 9.3

When launching a viewer and covering the window with another one, as soon as the cursor hovered the OIV viewer, the window poped-up on top of the window stack as if we had click on it.
This was happening only once.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

The background color of a WPFHelloCone WPF application was green whereas black was expected.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

In OivToWpf, a memory leak appeared when a NvGLtoDX object was deleted

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.2