Fixed Open Inventor Bugs

Issue API Product Release

Textured IndexedFaceSet disappeared if the transparency type of the viewer was changed from "Delayed Sorted Layers Blend" to " Sorted Object Blend".

Core Open Inventor 9.0

Turbine Demo crashed when changing transparency type

Core Open Inventor 9.2

MoMeshSurface crashed when removing the cell filter from MoCellFilter in Debug mode

Cpp MeshVizXLM 8.6.3

MoMeshSurface and MoMeshLine did not update PER_CELL coutouring when modifying MoCellFilter

Cpp MeshVizXLM 8.6.3

Some pixels were not rendered correctly at clipping edges depending on the view point. Moving slighlty the view changed the rendering.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

MoMeshSurface crashed when changing dataset within MoScalarSetI in Debug mode

Cpp MeshVizXLM 8.6.3

VolumeViz use the wrong viewport to read the zbuffer from the OIV scene when using PoSceneView.

Core Open Inventor 9.0

Modifying some part of the scene graph wrongly affected cache of unrelated nodes.
Visually, minor changes produced a global invalidation of every cache.

Core Open Inventor 9.0

SoVolumeClippingGroup did not work in some parts of the PoSceneView

Core Open Inventor 9.0

When changing the isovalue, some cached subtiles remained displayed.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

Added new methods: SoWinExaminer::addViewingMouseBinding and SoWinExaminer::removeViewingMouseBinding.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.3

The layer parameter in createContext(Display dpy, VisualInfo vis, GLContext shareList, bool direct, int layer) wasn't used when wglCreateContextAttribs is defined

Core Open Inventor 9.1

In V9.0, horizon clipping performances were extremely slow compared to V8.6

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Fixed SoLDMGlobalResourceParameters::setMaxTexMemory management when mixing volumes of different sizes.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.3

When an .iv file is loaded into the IvTune viewer, the SoLDMResourceParameters maxNumTriangles field is loaded and can be modified.

Core VolumeViz 9.3
Fixed editable fields in IvTune. 
When a scene graph containing LDMResourceParameters is loaded, the maxNumTriangles value is now shown in the IvTune viewer and, if you change the value, it is kept after changing the node selection.
Cpp VolumeViz 9.3

SoDrawStyle::INVISIBLE had no effect on SoPointSet

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

When jittering is activated only one volume was rendered.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Rendering a mesh containing both linear and quadratic cells failed when using a geometric tessellator.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.1

Improved memory management for SoVolumeData with fixed parameters. When using several SoDataSets the global memory usage no longer grows indefinitely.

Core VolumeViz 9.3

SoOffscreenRenderer failed to render VolumeViz scenes in some cases.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When enabling shadows with the transparency mode DELAYED_SORTED_LAYERS_BLEND set, the scene was not rendered correctly.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.2.1

Attempting to read a raw data file using SoVRGenericFileReader failed.

Java VolumeViz 9.0.1

In volRend, the background color couldn't be changed from the 2D Infos Tab

Core VolumeViz 9.0

SoVolumeGroup was not working in some cases since OIV 9.0

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

Java - Exported method SoLdmReader::getXmlTag() to retrieve custom tags from LDM header file.

Java VolumeViz 9.2.4

Java - Fixed incorrect prototype of SoConverterParameters::create(int argc, java.lang.String[] argv). It is deprecated and the new method SoConverterParameters::create(java.lang.String[] argv) is now available.

Java VolumeViz 9.2.4

The invoke method of an SoCallback node was no more called after some variable delay.

The bug appeared when the garbage collector collected the root of the scene graph: As no reference on the java root object was kept in the scene manager or render area, all nodes like SoCallback stopped running after this garbage collection.

Java Open Inventor 9.0.1

When switching from manipulator to transform below a SoPathSwitch, bbox (near/far clipping planes) were not updated properly. This resulted in near plan clipping of manipulator handles and picking problem.

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

Abnormal reference counting when using SoRef<T>.

When a second reference was added, the reference count jumped
from 1 to 3. This means that the object will not get deleted properly
when the last reference goes away.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.0.1

In some cases MoMeshSkin used bad color on some faces of structured grid mesh when mapping a per-cell dataset and using cell filtering.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.1

IvtToolsD.dll & IvtToolsLDMD.dll were missing in the debug bin distribution thus ivTune couldn't be used in debug mode.

Core IvTune 9.1

The IvtToolsLDM Alpha curve editor has an invalid border color. The border color change according to the user action.

Core IvTune 9.1

SoVolumeReader objects were stored in a static hashtable in, so they couldn't be collected by the garbage collector and produced memory leaks.

Java VolumeViz 9.0.1

SoRayPickAction returns inaccurate intersections in some cases

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

Connecting a MoMesh to a MoMeshSurface was not possible

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.0.1

Some rendering artefacts appeared on the border when using VolumeExtract

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

SoVolumeclippingGroup did not release the texture memory it had previously allocated when it was deleted.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

The near/far distance clipping was not updated properly when displaying slices under SoPathSwitch

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

SoCircularExtrusion created a wrong extrusion when the scale factor is 100 along Z direction.

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

The voxelized render mode might produce a driver timeout when rendering complex scenes. The technique used by other VolumeViz rendering features to avoid timeout was not implemented in this particular module.

Core VolumeViz 9.2

SoSFPath and SoMFPath fields were not loaded properly from an Inventor file

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

The result of VolumeExtract was reversed when appling a negative scale.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.0.1

Dicom file reader was not able to retrieve dicom info from file

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

When the camera was inside a volume using a cross ROI, some display artefacts appeared.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

When activating the SoVolumeRender::subdivideTile mode, some rendering artefact appeared.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

SoGLContext::isCompatible was called too many times by SoGLBufferObject slowing down significantly the performances.

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

When using a custom shader, the VolumeSkin rendering was wrong

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

VolumeSkin and OrthoSlice were incorrectly displayed when added under a MultiDataSep with a custom shader

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

ShadowsGroup did not work when there was a texture before in the scene graph

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

Open Inventor couldn't be used with VirtualBox:

- Some VirtualBox internal settings were required such as stereo support, but stereo was not described in pixel format... Open inventorcould not find any valid pixel format.
- Some OpenGL extension were checked by Open Inventor, but VirtualBox did not defined this settings (ex: WGL_ARB_pbuffer was an invalid value even if GL 1.1)

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

ObliqueSlice did not work with multiData and customShaders

Core VolumeViz 9.2

When using projections with a SoVolumeRender, error messages were displayed in the console.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

ObliqueSlice redering crashed when switching datasets

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

The picking was producing a crash in a specific case.

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

The UniformGridClipping did not interpret properly the transformation matrices resulting in a bad clipping with some combinations of transforms.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

When using multiple volumes the picking sometimes returned the wrong object.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

VolumeRender had rendering artifacts in lowResMode DECREASE_SCREEN_RESOLUTION, especially when using VolumeClippingGroup.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Picking with multiple volumes and VolumeClippingGroup did not detect all objects.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

PoView/PoSceneView display was wrong if application calls viewer setEventCallback

Core Open Inventor 9.2.2

After removing a SoProjection node, the application crashed during the next traversal.

Core Open Inventor 9.0.1

VolumeExtract did not work with custom dataSpaceMatrix. The volume seems to be mirrored.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

The volumeTransform demo crashed with the MultiData_Transform_2volRen configuration

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

The getDataPolyline demo crashed when moving the cutting plane.

Core VolumeViz 9.0.1

SEGY reader failed to read a segy file provided by a customer

Core VolumeViz 9.1

VolumeClipping group behaved incorrectly when the clipping geometry was empty.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When a custom SoVolumeData was used with a custom reader by tile, an exception was thrown.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

All VolumeViz nodes containing a sub scene graph were not rendered correctly in V9.0 whereas they were correct with V8.6.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

SoExtrusion didn't display correctly packedColor. Colors were interpreted as 0xAABBGGRR instead of 0xRRGGBBAA

Core Open Inventor 9.1

SoFenceSlice rendered incorrectly in IOV 9.0 and 9.01 compared to 8.6.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

In some cases SoRayPickAction didn't return the closest picked face when setPickAll was FALSE.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

SoVRDicomFileReader.SetFilenameList was not implemented in

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

Setting the ShadowGroup quality to a value higher than 0.5 produced an error message similar to:

NVIDIA OpenGL Driver
Your hardware configuration does not meet minimum specifications needed to run the application. The application must close.

A new preference has been added to define the maximum shadow map texture size: OIV_MAX_SHADOWMAP_SIZE

Core Open Inventor 9.2

The visual studio project of the demo %OIVHOME%\src\VolumeViz\contrib\cudaCompute
was not generated on OIV 9.0.1 VC9 x64

Core Open Inventor 9.2

If a viewer was made of several views (PoView), the stereo was active in only one view of the viewer.

Java Open Inventor 9.1

When running a demo example of MeshViz Data Mapping in Debug mode, an "unhandled exception error" message was displayed in the graphic window when closing the program.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0.1

Memory leaks appeared when loading/unloading scenes containing shadows.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

Shadows in a scene containing a shadow group and moving objects were not properly updated during animation.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

Shadows incorrect while dragging objects.  In some cases shadows from previous positions of object were still visible.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

When moving objects in a scene containing a shadow group using the VARIANCE_SHADOW_MAP mode, shadow casting was strange.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

With a scene containing a shadow group which method is VARIANCE_SHADOW_MAP, and within it, a cube materializing a plane for shadow casting, if there was no bounding box before the plane, there were no shadows projected on the plane.

Cpp Open Inventor 9.1

Performance of the Dispose method was bad in some cases.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

In some cases voxels with alpha=0 were displayed by voxelizedRendering. The blending equation was incorrectly applied.

Cpp VolumeViz 9.1

When a non-LDM volume was loaded using a custom reader, VolumeViz made redundant calls to getSubSlice().

Core VolumeViz 9.1

LineSet picking was not always returning the correct object when orthographic camera are used. This problem appeared in V9.0.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

An exception was raised when calling LDMAccess::isTileUniform on an edited slice.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

The horizon probe thickness was incorrect. GridClipping seemed to have some clipping precision issues.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When a Volume reader uses another volume as input, some tiles were not rendered.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Crash in SetSceneGraph when using a data mapping colorFunction

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

VolumeViz rendering was broken if full scene antialiasing was enabled/disabled on Linux Platform.

Java Open Inventor 9.1

AccessViolation exception when overriding the new OIV::Inventor::Devices::SoBufferObject^ ReadTile(int , OIV::Inventor::SbBox3i32 ) method.

When returning a new managed instance of type SoBufferObject class, the c++ API did not perform the ref() immediatly on the native handle.
If the ReadTile() method was not called in the main thread, garbage collector may put the newly created buffer object in the finalization queue since no more reference were kept on the managed object.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

PoLinearAxis (SoLineSet) produces incorrect file when exporting to PDF

Core HardCopy 9.1

The text bounding box was incorrect in OIV 9.0 if last character in string was a "blank".

Core Open Inventor 9.1

ColorMap with more than 256 values didn't work.

Core VolumeViz 9.1

When forcing fixed resolution, the 2DTransferFunction demonstration program was crashing

Core VolumeViz 9.1

Infinite loop or crash when trying to display a QuadMesh with verticesPerRow=1

Core Open Inventor 9.1

The method void * SoCpuBufferObject::map (AccessMode accessMode) was missing in the .NET API.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Several problems have been fixed with the fast edit :
1. During FastEdit session changes to the SceneGraph where not rendered
2. Performances were slow with big scene graph
3. SoText2 and SoImage2 shapes disappeared during FastEdit session when transparency type was set to SoGLRenderAction::SORTED_OBJECT_BLEND.

Core Open Inventor 9.1

Corrupted display or crash when using in-memory volumes.

Abnormal strips were displayed when depth <32 (regression 9.0 vs 8.6.2).
Small artifacts all over the slices whatever depth size of the volume.
Sometimes crashed with certain size like (500,500,32).

Core VolumeViz 9.1

The edge detection method was not taken into account when Edge2D was disabled. Thus, when enabling it afterwards, the method used was not the one expected.


Core VolumeViz 9.1