Fixed Open Inventor Bugs

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After running a demo using DialogViz, the X Font Server was down and no demo could run. DialogViz did not check that fonts were available before using them.

Cpp DialogViz 9.1

DialogViz file filter fails when the filter contains more than one file extension.

Core DialogViz 9.2

SoDialogViz components didn't compute the size of the list window according to the size of the displayed font

Core DialogViz 9.2.1

DirectViz not fully supported when using SoGuiAlgoViewer

Core DirectViz 8.6.1

NET and Java - DirectViz - SoDirectVizManager::setCamera() method is now exposed. It can be used to provide DirectViz access in a custom viewer.

.NET DirectViz 9.3

Exporting a scene to PostScript produced Inventor errors in context manager.

Core HardCopy 8.6

IvTune: HPGL, EMF and CGM export from IvTune were actually creating PostScript files.

Core HardCopy 8.6

SoVectorizeGDIAction: Appended ".emf" to filenames that already ended in ".emf"

Core HardCopy 8.6

HardCopy: GDIPrintPreview example output a blank page

Core HardCopy 8.6

SoVectorizeGDIAction - default font for SoText2 was incorrect

Core HardCopy 8.6

PoLinearAxis (SoLineSet) produces incorrect file when exporting to PDF

Core HardCopy 9.1

SoExtrusion was not exported to PDF3D

Core HardCopy 9.2

SoCircularExtrusion was not exported to PDF3D

Core HardCopy 9.2

NET - When PDF3D action was used to export a simple scene, the action never terminated.

.NET HardCopy 9.2.4

SoToPDF/U3DAction had very bad performance (appeared to freeze) when applied to an MiHexahedronTopologyExplicitIjk mesh representation.

Core HardCopy 9.2.4

If the scene graph contained lines that were invisible (line pattern equal to zero), during export of a scene graph to  HPGL, GDI, CGM, or PostScript, an infinite loop could occur. 

Cpp HardCopy 9.2.4

PDF3D export - Geometry color was not exported from Open Inventor to PDF3D.

Core HardCopy 9.3.2
[eBUG#4671] PDF Export - When the grid lines were set as visible, the export of MeshViz XLM Skin into a PDF document generated an incorrect file. Now the geometry is exported and visible. 
Previously, it happened that SoDrawStyleElement::LINES and SoDrawStyleElement::POINTS were not properly used so that all triangles were incorrectly exported as shaded. Now they are exported as set of lines or set of points.
The old export could be restored using hidden parameters:
Core HardCopy 9.4.1

HardCopy - PDF Export - If the shape instances were moved by changing the coordinates without applying a transformation matrix, the exported model was incorrect because the instances were not moved to the right position.

core HardCopy 9.4.1

PDF export - SoDrawStyleElement::LINES and SoDrawStyleElement::POINTS were not handled properly, so for all shapes, triangles were incorrectly exported as shaded. Now they are exported per the current SoDrawStyleElement. See also issue #16862.

Core HardCopy 9.4.1

PDF export with hidden instances in SoMultipleInstance traversed only visible instance instead of all instances (included the hidden ones).

All HardCopy 9.5.1

Fixed SoGLLazyElement management when performing action SoToPDFAction


All HardCopy 9.5.2

Avoid serialization of line containing points with NaN as coordinates

All HardCopy 9.5.2

There was a crash on pdf export. 

All HardCopy 9.5.2

IvTune crashed while pdf export with LineSet and DrawStyle to Lines.  

All HardCopy 9.5.2

Calling SoIvTune.SetInstance produced a crash

.NET IvTune 9.0

IvTune was producing a crash when exiting

Core IvTune 9.0

IvTune could not be launched if the native DLLs were not in the PATH.

.NET IvTune 9.0

The layout was modified when a field editor was changed

Core IvTune 9.0

In IvTune, "Highlight selected node" option did not remain off.

The "Highlight selected node" option often interferes with input event handling in the application window.  Previously it was possible to turn it off.  In OIV 9, it is possible to uncheck the box, but somehow IvTune was turning it back on...

Core IvTune 9.0

Edit a Multi Field with IVtune Slown down the application.

Core IvTune 9.0

Turning FSAA on crashed IvtuneViewer

Core IvTune 9.0

IvtuneViewer crashed when applying a reorganize triangle strip action on a cube.

Core IvTune 9.0

IvTune field editor for SoMFUInt32 did not allow entering hexadecimal values

Core IvTune 9.0

The following error message was displayed when opening ivTune with Shift-F12:

Could not load plugin IvtTutorialD.dll
Could not load plugin IvtToolsD.dll

.NET IvTune 9.1

IvtToolsD.dll & IvtToolsLDMD.dll were missing in the debug bin distribution thus ivTune couldn't be used in debug mode.

Core IvTune 9.1

The IvtToolsLDM Alpha curve editor has an invalid border color. The border color change according to the user action.

Core IvTune 9.1

When enabling IvTune on scene containing a SoSelection some error messages could appear in the console.

Typical error message:
Inventor error in SoOIVViewer::isViewing()():
unable to retrieve SoGuiViewer

Core IvTune 9.0

IvTune viewer no longer displays an error message when the F3 (find next) button is used.

Core IvTune 9.3

IvTune plugin projects were generating the wrong DLL name for the debug target.

Cpp IvTune 9.2.4

[eBUG#5415] IvTuneViewer Visual Studio 2012 Release version: it was not possible to edit node values.

Cpp IvTune 9.3.1

[eBUG#5108] In some cases when using IvTuneViewer, if an SoVolumeData was loaded, selecting the field SoVolumeData::LDMResourceParameters caused the max memory value to change even if the slider was not moved.    

Core IvTune 9.4.0
IvTuneViewer crashed when adding multiple node to the tabNodeOverview with the command "Add to Node Overview".
Core IvTune 9.5.0

PoTimeAxis crashed when PoDateFormatMapping::format contains Y

Core MeshViz 9.2

In some cases there were blinking shapes due to OIV_CACHE_MODE management problems when the camera moved. While the problem is now fixed, a workaround is to set OIV_CACHE_MODE = 1 (= SoDB::RenderCacheMode::COMPILE_AND_EXECUTE ).

Cpp MeshViz 9.2.4

[eBUG#5353] When the difference between graduations was very small, PoLinearAxis could cause a crash.

Cpp MeshViz 9.3.1

When a logarithmic axis contained graduations with a negative exponent, these graduation were no longer displayed, and, in the worst case, an infinite loop could occur.

Core MeshViz 9.3.2

When using a generalized, linear, logarithmic, or time axis with less than two graduations drawn, a crash or incorrect rendering could occur in the release version. In the debug version an exception was raised.

Core MeshViz 9.3.2

PbDomain::getTransform returned SoTransform with the infinite scale factor value for a very small maximum domain input.

Core MeshViz 9.4.2

There was a crash in PoAutoCubeAxis and the volume was not displayed. 

Core MeshViz 9.4.2

MeshViz XLM: EclipseMeshViz Demo crashed when changing the resolution slider in the preview tab panel

Core MeshVizXLM 8.6

Meshes tessellated by MiPolyhedralToMixVolumeExtract gave cells with bad node numbering, producing errors with skin and isosurface representations

Core MeshVizXLM 8.6

MiSkinExtractUnstructuredIjk crashed when updating the input topology of MiVolumeMeshHexahedronIjk

Core MeshVizXLM 8.6

Flickering rendering with EclipseMeshViz with Inventor warning in MoMeshPlaneSlice::doExtract():

Core MeshVizXLM 8.6

MeshViz XLM: In some cases, the mesh representation was not updated when the mesh topology or geometry changed.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0

Line contouring in MoMaterial was not working when using MoTessellator

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0

Bad PER_CELL color mapping on MoMeshOutline when connected to an MoMeshPlaneSlice

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0

When using a level color map, provided by the MoLevelColorMapping node, contouring was affected by the diffuseColor field from the SoMaterial node.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0

Poor performance when scaling vectors from MoMeshVector.

MoMeshVector was settings each vertex, color and lineset information using a set1Value, thus triggering OpenInventor notification mechanism. This was leading to a poor scenegraph generation speed.
The code now relies on start/finishEditing.

Core MeshVizXLM 8.6.3

MoMeshSurface crashed when removing the cell filter from MoCellFilter in Debug mode

Cpp MeshVizXLM 8.6.3

MoMeshSurface and MoMeshLine did not update PER_CELL coutouring when modifying MoCellFilter

Cpp MeshVizXLM 8.6.3

MoMeshSurface crashed when changing dataset within MoScalarSetI in Debug mode

Cpp MeshVizXLM 8.6.3

In the Turbine demo, when increasing the skin transparency then decreasing it back to 0, the skin coloring was different from the beginning.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0

Enabling parallel extraction in MeshViz XLM produced a drop in FPS during animation which requires per frame data set extraction.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.0

When applying a MoClip to a quadratic mesh, some discontinuities appear on lines.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0

MoMeshIsosurface and MoMeshPlaneSlice was crashing or procuced a wrong display when adding a MoTessellator on linear mesh

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0.1

Connecting a MoMesh to a MoMeshSurface was not possible

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.0.1

Rendering a mesh containing both linear and quadratic cells failed when using a geometric tessellator.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.1

In some cases MoMeshSkin used bad color on some faces of structured grid mesh when mapping a per-cell dataset and using cell filtering.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.1

Memory allocation failures of MeshViz XLM programs were not redirected to the Open Inventor memory management error handler.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.1

MoMeshCellShape did not hide internal edges generated by the tessellator

Core MeshVizXLM 9.1

When running a demo example of MeshViz Data Mapping in Debug mode, an "unhandled exception error" message was displayed in the graphic window when closing the program.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.0.1

When using MoLevelColorMapping, the rendered surface were not lit.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

SoComputeBoundingBox was detecting changes on an unchanged MeshVizXLM scene resulting in slow performances and high CPU usage

Core MeshVizXLM 9.2

The rendering of MeshViz objects was slow when dealing with lots of small meshes.

MeshViz was updating its internal scene graph unnecessarily at each frame

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

MoMeshVector did notwork for MiVolumeMeshHexahedronIjk meshes

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

When setting a NULL pointer into a MoScalarSetXXX or a MoVec3SetXXX, the node was ignored and not added into the corresponding AccumulatedElement. Thus, all scalarSetId of the representation node were corrupted.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

An erroneous or incorrect messages was displayed when some mesh type were not supported.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

Skin and volume cell shape extraction on unstructured linear volume mesh needed too much memory compared to OIV9.0.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

Some method of the MeshViz XLM mesh interface are not pure virtual but have a default implementation that throws an exception. This is a trick to prevent application to have to implement too many methods. However, the message displayed by the exception handler is not visible in the console.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

MiPerCellToPerNodeExtractUnstructuredIjk crashed when updating mesh topology dimensions

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

Rotating a slice from MoMeshPlaneSlice had slown down dramatically compared to version 9.0

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2

Bad face orientation when doing skin extraction of a curvilinear mesh

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.2

Part of the internal scene graph of the representation was not deleted when clearing a MeshViz scene graph because there was a memory leak in MoMeshRepresentation.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.3

EclipseMeshViz demo failed when displaying VertexPillarMesh.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.3

QuadraticTube demo failed when switching to non-parallel mode.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.3

MoMeshSkin applied on regular, rectilinear and curvilinear meshes did not display scalar sets properly.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.3

Fixed visualization for some use cases of plane slices and isosurfaces. Previously, there were some problems when  non-planar faces were present in a curvilinear or non-structured mesh.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.3
Fixed incorrect behavior for getMin and getMax of MiGeometry. They no longer break the execution of the application. 
Note that getMin and getMax in MiGeometry are no longer called by MeshVizXLM extractors. They are now deprecated in MiGeometry but added in the MeXGeometry interface inheriting from MiGeometry.
Core MeshVizXLM 9.3

MeshVizXLM - In some cases, picking an extracted MoMeshOutline could cause an exception or crash. It is now possible to pick a point on the entity without error.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.3
Removed failure when switching from one mesh to another in MoMeshSkin. 
Now, if the mesh is properly displayed by the skin (such as a regular volume mesh), switching to a mesh not handled by the skin (such as a regular surface mesh) causes a warning message "Inventor warning in MoMeshSkin::doExtract(): Cannot compute skins on this type of mesh".
Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.3

MeshVizXLM - In some cases an exception or a crash occurred while picking an extracted MoMeshOutline.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.4

MoMeshLine representation using a MoTessellator on quadratic lines was showing internal tesselation points when switching from parallel mode to a non parallel mode.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.4

MeshViz XLM picking returned an MoFaceDetail with data set values even if no data sets were mapped on the mesh (no MoMaterial.faceColoring::CONTOURING was used).

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.4

EclipseMeshViz demo could not generate a large mesh.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.3

MeshVizXLM - In some cases an exception or a crash occurred while picking an extracted MoMeshOutline.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.2.4

In some cases the plane slice representation was not updated according to the input field MoMeshPlaneSlice::plane.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.3.1

Meshviz XLM – When certain mesh representations (e.g., MoMeshSkin, MoMeshSurface, MoMeshClipPoint MoMeshSlab, MoMeshCellShape, MoMeshLine and MoMeshOutline) were removed from a scenegraph, the extractors were not properly deleted. This memory leak has been fixed.

Core MeshVizXLM 9.3.2

[eBUG5446] The MiExtractorCallback set into a MoMeshSkin was not called during the scalarSet extraction from a Hexahedron IJK Mesh.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.4.0

MeshVizXLM – Lower performance for plane slice and isosurface extraction on a regular or rectilinear mesh, when the mesh dimensions are not equal.  For example performance was lower for a 400 x 400 x 300 mesh than for a 400 x 400 x 400 mesh.

Cpp MeshVizXLM 9.3.2