Fixed Open Inventor Bugs

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IvTuneViewer crashed when selecting a MultipleInstance nodes in the scenegraph.

Open Inventor 9.5.1

System.ArgumentNullException messages displayed in VS Output in some cases

.NET Open Inventor 8.6

.Net exception in PanReferenceManager in some cases

.NET Open Inventor 8.6

SoGLCacheContextElement enum not available in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 8.6

PanObjectManager deadlock:

In .Net if a buffer object is created in a thread while the garbage collector is destroying another one there is a deadlock due to two mutexes, the first one lock the access to the second one and so on.

.NET Open Inventor 8.6.1

Several deadlock issues between OIV C++, .NET and LDM.

.NET Open Inventor 8.6.1

Using MPEG recorder from the popup menu of a .NET viewer was not possible.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

SoLDMWriter::initialize crashed in some cases with the following error message:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

.NET VolumeViz 9.0

SoDevice.GetTotalMemory() and SoDevice.GetAvailableMemory() were not available in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

Whatever name was returned by GetFileFormatName, the stored name of the node was still the name of the class.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

System.NullReferenceException was raised when calling SoLDMWriter.Initialize without a valid argv parameter

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

The SbNativeArray<>.GetBuffer() method can be called when the underlying buffer is publicly visible. It provides a direct access to the buffer. This was not documented.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

SoPreferences.Setxxx method didn't allow setting variables before calling the C++ init methods.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

Calling SoIvTune.SetInstance produced a crash

.NET IvTune 9.0

IvTune could not be launched if the native DLLs were not in the PATH.

.NET IvTune 9.0

When defining a custom VolumeViz reader and saving to a file the iv file was invalid.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

SoOffscreenRender::writeTo[format] randomly crashed depending on platform or build

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

Custom field container issue: fields were saved several times.

When deriving from SoFieldContainer and adding new fields to the container, new fields were saved in iv files multiple times, one for each instance created.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

When passing a valid path and filename to SoConverterParameters.SetInputFileName, the method SoConverter.Convert(SoConverterParameters) returned CVT_INPUT_PARAMS_PROBLEM=-1.

.NET Open Inventor 8.6.2

Memory leak when using UserData

.NET Open Inventor 8.6.2

LDM conversion failed with when setting segy reader parameters. It seems that the ldm converter didn't take care (or doesn't receive) the reader passed to SegYConverter.SetReader.

.NET Open Inventor 8.6.2

When writing a scene graph using a SoWriteAction containing two nodes with the same name but defined in two different namespaces, the output name was the same for both nodes.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

Missing demos in the OivSuite.NET installer packaging.

The 5 demos CSGClippingGroup, HorizonClipping, VolumeExtract, VolumePickingGPU, VolumePipeClipping were not installed by the installer.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

The method SoBufferObject.Memset(value,valueSize, offset, count) was not rellay usable in .NET.

A new convenience method replaces it.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

Running an LDM action onto a custom app without adding LDM assembly in the project produced a crash.

.NET VolumeViz 9.0

Calling twice SetValuesBuffer on a SoMFied object was producing assertion failure.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

When calling Dispose() method on a field container containing field of type SoSFNode, the Dispose(False) method was never called by the finalizer thread.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

The size of the SoGroup.Children property was doubling after each acces.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

The following error message was displayed when opening ivTune with Shift-F12:

Could not load plugin IvtTutorialD.dll
Could not load plugin IvtToolsD.dll

.NET IvTune 9.1

When calling getTail on the managed orthoSlice path, an exception was raised.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Performance of the Dispose method was bad in some cases.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

AccessViolation exception when overriding the new OIV::Inventor::Devices::SoBufferObject^ ReadTile(int , OIV::Inventor::SbBox3i32 ) method.

When returning a new managed instance of type SoBufferObject class, the c++ API did not perform the ref() immediatly on the native handle.
If the ReadTile() method was not called in the main thread, garbage collector may put the newly created buffer object in the finalization queue since no more reference were kept on the managed object.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

The method void * SoCpuBufferObject::map (AccessMode accessMode) was missing in the .NET API.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

When disposing an Inventor node, the dispose method of the other nodes referenced by fields like SoSFNode were never called. The nodes that are referenced via AddChild were correctly disposed. But the nodes that are only referenced by a SoSFNode, SoMFNode, SoSFFieldContainer, and SoMFFieldContainer were not.

.NET Open Inventor 9.0

OpenCL computing framework was not available in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

The .NET installer created C:\OpenInventor\OIV.NET8.1.0\src\Inventor\examples\Mentor\CSharp\_17_2_GLCallback which contains mixed C++ and .NET code, and couldn't compile.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

SoCuda::findFunction was not available in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Demo programs using AdvancedTextBoxV2 cannot be built in Debug mode

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Crash in SetSceneGraph when using a data mapping colorFunction

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

The AmplitudeVelocity .NET example drawn incorrect image in 9.0.x

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Sb.intersection methods is not available in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

The ::SoInventorBase::init() is always called when initializing the OIV.Inventor.Base assembly. It did not take care of the InitMultiThread flag set in OIV.Inventor.SoDB class.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

The documentation of SoVRRasterStackReader is wrong:

The .lst file is described as:
Parameters { Raw 0 Dims 2048 2048 100 Size 10.000000 10.000000 10.000000 1250.000000 1250.000000 500.000000 Channel 2 }
C:/tmp/tiff/img00000.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00001.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00002.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00003.tiff C:/tmp/tiff/img00004.tiff ....

There must be line breaks after each tag and filename.

.NET VolumeViz 9.1

OpenInventor .NET does not support Inventor multithreading

There was no way to correctly initialize OpenInventor.NET so the end user is able to
do multithreaded node manipulations.

The issue was that SoDB.ThreadInit does not call underlying c++ Sb::threadInit, as required in
each thread doing open inventor manipulations.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

SoCpuBufferObject(SbNativeArray<byte> array) was not correctly wrapped if array comes from a cast operation.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Some Open Inventor shaders are stored as ressources in the wrong DLL. (VolumeViz).

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

When a .NET Custom Node calls traverse inside a GLrender action, an exception was raised.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

Two problems have been fixed for fields created in custom nodes:

1°) when creating a custom nodes with a new field, the field value was not initialized

2°) it was not possible to setup a default value for a field without notification. It means that setting a value generated a notification whereas we were still in the node constructor which can produce errors.

Constructors of single value fields have now initial values.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

Casting an SoPath to an SoFullPath throw an Exception in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

SoVRDicomFileReader.SetFilenameList was not implemented in

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

The background color of a WPFHelloCone WPF application was green whereas black was expected.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

When combining 2 volumes, the "rendered intensity" when displaying the 2 volumes was different from the one displaying individual volumes.

.NET VolumeViz 9.2

The demo of Oiv.NET did not compile because the delivered projects used assemblies references relative to $OIVARCH

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

Several examples from the Open Inventor Mentor were using obsolete methods.

_10_5_SelectionCB, _10_7_PickFilterManip, _10_8_PickFilterNodekit, _15_3_AttachManip were using  AddSelectionCallback and AddDeselectionCallback instead of Selection/Deselection events.

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

Open Inventor .NET demonstration programs crashed if the path to the assemblies were not added to the PATH enrivonment variable.

All .NET projects (csproj) have been changed to do a local copy (add CopyLocal=True).

.NET Open Inventor 9.1

The example program $OIVNETHOME\src\Inventor\examples\Features\BufferObjects\AnimateShape
did not compile

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

In OIV.NET 9.1.1, SoLDMWriter.Initialize was hanging in some cases

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

The gc may randomly garbage an SoNode instance before Open Inventor keeps a reference of this instance.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

The SbBox3f::contains method was missing in .NET

.NET Open Inventor 9.2

SoBufferAsyncNotifierInterface.refetchNotify was not available in .NET.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.1

A memory leak appeared when overriding SoVolumeReader.ReadTile returning buffer object

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.1

In OivToWpf, a memory leak appeared when a NvGLtoDX object was deleted

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.2

The Open Inventor WPF viewer was not compatible with visual & blend designer

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.2

A manual dispose of an SoDataSet did not dispose the reader used.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.1

SbViewVolume.ProjectBox() in .NET returned incorrect results

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.2

Added new methods: SoWinExaminer::addViewingMouseBinding and SoWinExaminer::removeViewingMouseBinding.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.3

SoOffscreenRenderer frees the native node when the managed object is disposed.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.3

NET - The class OIV.LDM.Converters.SoBaseLDMConverter.Progress(numTilesGenerated, numTilesToGenerate) is now exposed. This class helps manage the LDM  conversion process.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3

NET - When SoRotation fields are changed in IvTune that is embedded in an application, the displayed geometry is now updated properly.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3
NET - API for SoSFLDMDataTransform and SoSFMaterial is updated. These classes now expose a constructor with a default argument.
.NET Open Inventor 9.3

NET - Removed extraneous warning ("IvtPluginsManager::loadPlugin(): Could not load plugin IvtToolsLDMD.dll") that appeared when IvTuneViewer was started programmatically.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - SoNodeSensor. In some cases, if a priority zero node sensor was attached to the camera and the user clicked the ViewAll button in the viewer, the node sensor callback caused a crash.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3

NET - Assertion was displayed when removing nodes with user data.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - volRend example used obsolete field SoVolumeShape.composition. It has been replaced by the SoVolumeRender.renderMode field.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3.2

NET - SoWpfRenderArea - When using a window and displaying a scene with SoWpfRenderArea, in some cases when the window lost the focus (e.g., when minimizing and restoring window or when locking and unlocking the computer), the scene was no longer displayed. 

.NET Open Inventor 9.3.2

NET and Java - DirectViz - SoDirectVizManager::setCamera() method is now exposed. It can be used to provide DirectViz access in a custom viewer.

.NET DirectViz 9.3

NET - When PDF3D action was used to export a simple scene, the action never terminated.

.NET HardCopy 9.2.4

NET - SoWpfRenderArea crashed when the window was resized.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3

NET - Custom node may be collected despite they are still referenced in the application scene graph.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - Custom volume reader - If you defined and used a custom volume reader, it could have been automatically removed by garbage collection even if it was still referenced in the application.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - The first rendering of an SoWpfRenderArea was empty.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - In some case the COM object initialization returns an unexpected status for the code and this causes a crash in the application. Now the problem is fixed and the status com return values S_FALSE is no longer considered as failure but we consider that the component is already initialized.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - It is now possible to set SoWpfRenderArea.Source. A System Assertion is no longer raised. 

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - If application uses more threads, when the first thread finished the native objects were no longer deleted when the other threads exited.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET – the SoWpfRenderArea  was not compatible with some graphic card. For instance, some refresh issue of Open Gl exception occurred when resizing the render area.

.NET Open Inventor 9.2.4

NET - 32 bit - When a Net application was compiled and linked, there was a failure at runtime due to a dll missing from the binary folder. This problem only occurred on the 32-bit configuration.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3.1

NET - [eBUG#5463] When SoSceneManager.Render() was called without any OpenGL context, the exception thrown was an unhandled exception of type 'System.AccessViolationException'. Now an exception of type System.InvalidOperationException is raised. 

.NET Open Inventor 9.4.0

[eBUG#5461] NET - If SoNodeSensor.DeleteCB property was set, deleting the attached node caused a System Exception.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3.1

[eBUG#5457] NET- Internal virtual function table of custom SoNode might be corrupted.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3.1

[eBUG#4228] NET: When calling the Dispose() method on a node containing a field of type SoSF/MFNode, SoSF/MFPath or SoSF/MFBufferObject, Dispose() was not automatically called on the object(s) referenced in this field.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3.1

NET - Visual Studio 2010: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Designer failed when loading custom controls from OIV.Inventor.

.NET Open Inventor 9.3.2

.NET - When using WPF, in some cases, disposal of the scene graph root failed.

.NET Open Inventor 9.4.1

.NET - SoEngineOutput.getConnectionType() returned null instead of a valid object type.

.NET Open Inventor 9.4.1

.NET - The Inventor/Print example generated an empty offscreen file when the user typed CTRL+P.

.NET Open Inventor 9.4.1
.NET - SbMatrix.SetTransform() method in was broken and set the matrix to all zerors.
.NET Open Inventor 9.4.2

The issue was detected in SoUniformGridClipping where spikes occured at a subsample of image where values are undefinedValue.

.NET VolumeViz 9.5.1

Bad rendering and crash when displaying orthoslice.

.NET VolumeViz 9.5.2

Linux 64-bit - Open Inventor applications displayed an incorrect warning message ("flxInitLoad: client has not been protected").

All Open Inventor 9.4.1

Volume rendering performance for a tiny volume was about 1/3 compared to older version of OIV.

All VolumeViz 9.4.2

Some CADreaders needed some other readers licenses to be initialized to work. Standalone OivJtReader licenses didn't worked.

All Open Inventor 9.5.1