1.1. Overview

VolumeViz is an Open Inventor extension for visualizing volume data.

VolumeViz is a separately licensed extension. You must have a VolumeViz license string in addition to your Open Inventor license string. You will also need a VolumeVizLDM license string to use the optional Large Data Management (LDM) file format. The VolumeViz extension includes user protection under license for Landmark U.S Patent Number 6,765,570.

In this chapter we assume you are already familiar with core Open Inventor features. You should already know how to create an Open Inventor scene graph, view and light a scene, position and rotate objects in the scene, select objects in a scene and so on. If you are just getting started with Open Inventor you should read Volume 1 of this document or at least read the Open Inventor Fast Start tutorial included in the SDK installation. In this chapter we will focus on the unique features of VolumeViz and how they work with core Open Inventor. We will also assume that you have some familiarity with volume data concepts so we can focus on how to use VolumeViz features effectively.